OMG CLASSIC – 90s! [Vinyl]

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A super limited edition (like, I’m talking 10 copies ‘cuz vinyl is f***ing expensive) 7″ lathe cut picture disc of my “90s!” EP! F*** YEAH! Includes an OMG CLASSIC sticker and fold-out poster!


  1. 90s!
  2. Champagne
  3. Partner in Crime
  4. Last Chance 2 Dance

Also comes with a special thank you card that I’ll probably write to you while drunk! 😉

Please Note:

Lathe cut records are cut one at a time (in real time) and finished by hand. Since they are handmade they won’t be perfectly finished like a factory-pressed record. They play great on any well maintained record player, however, they are not the same as standard factory-pressed vinyl records. The groove on a lathe cut is embossed, not cut, so it is not as deep a groove. This does not affect audio quality, but it does mean that a record player with a damaged or worn-out stylus will tend to skate. The audio on a lathe cut record is in mono, to the standards of late 50’s recording practices. This difference means that although it will play very well on a modern stereo record player, it is about 6db quieter, so you’ll have to crank that volume up a bit! Lathe cut records have more ‘noise’ then a modern LP, so the pops and crackles will be audible. Lathe cut records will not wear out faster then a factory-pressed vinyl record, so “please be kind, rewind” and play the hell out of it! 🙂