Hey, I'm Jeff! 👋😎 AKA "OMG CLASSIC". A weird name, I know, but you'll get used to it. 😆 I'm physically living in Toronto... but mentally living in the '90s! 👾🎮📼📟💫🎉 Nostalgia is magic, and I'm all about capturing that feeling in life and through my music, putting it into a bottle, and taking a swig of it at any opportunity! 😍✨

Growing up as an LGBTQ #90sKid in rural Ontario certainly wasn't as colourful as lounging in a bathtub full of Lucky Charms. But my parents always taught me that you shouldn't struggle to fit in when you were born to stand out. From an incredibly young age, I got into the dramatics heavily. Singing, acting, dancing, whatever I could do to express myself creatively. Heck, one time I spent weeks painting (admittedly awful) pictures and turned the basement into an art gallery, where I convinced my family members (who had to avoid Nintendo controllers like landmines) to purchase my artwork so that I could finance a karaoke machine. That was how I coped with the loneliness of being a misfit. Using every crayon in the box, and learning to colour outside the lines.

As an adult, I've always felt it important to keep that childlike creative energy and expression alive. Don't quit your daydream. I've always wanted to make music, so now I do. It's not my full-time job, but it's a creative outlet that brings me so much joy. You're not defined by your day job, your education, your upbringing, or the cards you were dealt early on in life. As kids we were dreamers, and as adults we have the power to make those dreams a reality.

In 2016 I released my first EP, aptly titled "90s!" featuring the singles "90s!", "Champagne" and "Partner in Crime". In late 2019 I released my brand new single "Comeback Kid" from my forthcoming EP of the same name. Be sure to check out my tunes and music videos, and follow along on Instagram for updates on my future releases!